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Carol Dorn: Writer, Director, Producer, DP

F≤¢king WALLPAPER was inspired from time spent during the pandemic. Like many other creatives Carol used the situation as a launchpad. This is the first of 4 shorts that she will be directing now through early 2023. Watch this site for her other upcoming projects: What Falls on the Floor, Sunday by Kathi Kennedy, and two other untitled projects

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Katherine Elliot: Audrey

Katherine was immediately the choice for playing Audrey for this solo character. Ms. Elliot's talent in fine attention to playing all the layers of a complex character and still holding our interest is what made her the inspiration for the piece. To learn more about Katherine please click here.

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Kathi Kennedy: Producer

Ms. Kennedy is known for many hats most especially writer. She is the hand behind the upcoming short SUNDAY and is a member of the Harlem Screenwriters Lab as well as New York Women in Film & Television. You can find more about her here.

Freddie Lippi: Editing & Sound Consultant

Freddie is currently based in London and a part of the team here at GloPaul Media. Thanks to technology Ms. Lippi is able to work remotely on this and several other projects slated for the company. You can see more about her here.

Hannah Kantinski: Associate Producer

Hannah may be new out of the gate as a graduate but she's already shown the instincts and good judgement on this and other projects. To learn more about Hannah's talents click here.

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Carol Dorn

Intro music "Apprehension"


Alicja Borkowska

"Drama Queen" recorded in

London UK 2003

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