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Future Class Offerings

Acting for the Camera: This class is as it's titled and covers everything from character development, various approaches to acting, improvisation, as well as your relationship to the camera, hitting your mark and working in a green screen special effects studio. Student will receive copies of their final acting footage. No prior experience required. ONLY 12 STUDENTS PER CLASS!!

Directing for the Camera: This course will be a combination of classroom for the first 4 weeks of the 8 week course. The first part will encompass terminology, basic knowledge of equipment, learning to frame your shot and how to break down a script. The second 4 weeks will be working with a screenwriting student to direct their project and audition the actors from the acting class to cast them in your short film project. Directing student will receive a copy of their finished project. ONLY 12 STUDENTS PER CLASS!!!

Screenwriting: This course will be partial classroom work but also rely on the students ability to be self motivated to write when not in the classroom. The first few weeks will be about learning the technical terms used in screenwriting, plot and character development with short exorcises in scene writing. The student will decide on a short film script that will culminate in a short film. The student will meet with a directing student who will direct the project and the director and writing student will audition and cast their film. Student will receive a copy of their finished short films to submit to festivals if they so choose. ONLY 12 STUDENTS PER CLASS!!!


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