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Carol Dorn on the set of DRIP

This class covers all the aspects of the adult/evening classes: acting, directing and screenwriting. The goal is to give the students a platform to express themselves, tell their stories, plan and execute their films, learn how to delegate, be part of a team and discover something new about themselves that will give them confidence in whatever career path they choose. The three main disciplines that will be taught will heighten new skills of observation, as well as empathy and insights into human behavior with some technology thrown in for good measure. The end product will be a film(s) written, directed and acted by the group and will have the full assistance of CGI & other special effects from students of CGI at the area technical school. If the finished films are of a good quality the students will be encouraged to submit the films to festivals. The session runs 8 Weeks (T/TH) being the first Tuesday, January 16, 2018. (The semester following that will be M/W. Click here for calendar.) Class schedule is posted here for January. Please be advised the following semester will be M/W we will also take registration for the following semester as well.

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Price listed here is based on 1 student per family. If you have more than one child that you would like to be registered in the program (or if you are 2-3 friends wanting your kids to take the class) please contact our marketing and sales director Rose Apuzzo here

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